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Our body is a temple.

An honour and a privilege to be featured in 100 Great Danes Book.


 As a dancer, my body have been through hell and back for decades. Its resilience and ability to always come back stronger  continues to amaze me. Through day-long rehearsals, countless injuries and sleepless nights, my body have perservered beyond my imagination. You carry me through days in which I feel like I can hardly move. You've continued walking on days in which your feet was bleeding. You've been strong on days I felt so weak. As incredible as my body have been, I have not always treated my body as the Temple and home it is. I've had to rehabilitate not only my self-perception, but also my relationship to and with my body. I now make sure to daily thank my body, not only for how it looks and feels, but for all the things it allows me to do - even the smallest things as breathing, walking and thinking but of course especially the fact that my body allows me to express myself authentically through dance. Being part of this project, is part of my journey of loving myself unconditionally and authentically. Because loving ourselves is a constant active choice - a gift we all deserve to give ourselves.

Photographer: Bjarke Johansen Makeup Camilla Gunther Nielsen

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